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Leadership Gold

with special guest Victoria Murphy

Leadership Gold is a powerful opportunity for those people committed to growing on a MASSIVE scale. During Leadership Gold, Vaughn Murphy and his lovely wife Victoria Murphy will give you the ultimate skills and experiences to harness the skills of lasting change and step into your own greatness as a true leader. This exclusive Vaughn Murphy event is guaranteed to change your life forever!

Decision Chunking

Vaughn Murphy's Decision Chunking training program is not just a "seminar": it's a course in literally transforming the foundations of your every day decisions! Vaughn will help you discover the exact beliefs and values that control virtually every decision you make, every moment you're alive from what you put on your dinner plate to how you interact in your relationships the decisions that shape your career moves, your finances, and ultimately, your ultimate destiny!

Leadership Gold

August 9, 2012

New York, NY

Decision Chunking

September 14, 2012

Montreal, Canada

November 30, 2012

New Orleans, LI

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